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Digital Signature For Foreign Trade

Digital Signature For Foreign Trade

Digital Signature Certificate is required in Import and Export Company to authenticate transaction and credibility of the firm. The company which is involving in the business of import export must have IEC Code and Digital Signature Certificate they can do their business without any tension. They need be authenticated by Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Digital Signature provides an ethical security to your financial transaction in which your valuable details are safe. You can login to DGFT website and digitally sign License Application Form. It will secure your data and make you assure that your data cannot be accessed by any unauthorized entity or individual.

Why there is a need of Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificate is simply a digital identity of a particular person which provides supreme secrecy and security for online transactions. These digital signature certificates are in the form encoded language which cannot be decoded easily only the sender and recipient can access the information. When you digitally sign it will give you notification that the recipient is not changed and then it will verify that the message has been sent successfully to your target recipient.

How does Digital Signature Work?

Now the question strikes in mind that how digital signature works? Well we know that digital signature is required for online transaction which makes it secure. It is document which is created by certifying licensing authority in encrypted language which contain your confidential details like company name, email id etc. It is similar such key and lock which secure your data, Whenever you want to login in your file you will get the key code which is provided by licensing authority and it is present in the database of their server, which confirm your identity in Digital signature certificate


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