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DGFT Digital Signature Certificates

DGFT Digital Signature Certificates

There are plenty of export and import organization which are doing business around you but they are only liable to do the business when they abide the law and obligations imposed by Director General of Foreign trade which is supreme authority to issue license and DGFT digital signature certificate for foreign trade. EXIM (export and import organization) can apply for license in DGFT website. For that they need to upload required document in the DGFT website and we know that Digital signature certificate is the digital identity of any individual or business person so DGFT has made it mandatory to every EXIM organization to upload DSC in their website. After getting all required documents DGFT department validate the validity of DSC, authenticity of documents and identity of applicant and then these documents are processed for issuance of license. And online application for DGFT digital certificate means that the applicant might get 50% rebate license for import and export organizations.

With the use of digital signature certificate organizations can safeguard forgery action conducted by online identity theft. If an organization is submitting important documents by custom department it is mandatory all document are included with digital signature certificate.

Class based digital signature certificate is mandatory for any company which is indulged in export and import business licensed which is required to be registered in the name of authorized officials or owner who relates to the business.

DGFT Digital signature certificate is created to confirm the digital identity of the export and import organization (EXIM) by legal authority. It is like a physically signed document which is a secure way to run an import and export company or organizations which deals in foreign trade. It also provides multiple advantages under the Indian information Technology Act 2000.

Why do I require a Digital Signature Certificate?

This is very important question which needs to be defined; well since this age is represent the digital medium in any communication and work. Digital signature certificate insure highly secured formulation in online transaction which include extreme confidentiality of your documents and company information. The encoded form of digital signature is used only when the recipient and sender allow the accessibility for the same purpose. It also authenticates the identity of sender and recipient.

Where Digital Signature Certificates is used?
  • Digital Signature Certificate is required in following situation and documentation
  • For the ownership validation of domain name and acquire SSL? TLs encoded protected sessions in your website and user for online transactions
  • To ensure the security of your website, email and identify the user of online transactions
  • In website development field developers provide code and confidential details of the shared software applications.
  • DSC is used in filing income tax return, e-auction, e-procurement, e-tendering, e-bidding, MCA21/ROC eFiling, applying for DIN from Ministry of Corporate Affairs, EPFO, Form 16A signing and TRACES, SEZ Online etc.
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