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Digital Signature For Income Tax

Digital Signature For Income Tax

Digital Signature Certificate has become compulsory for e-filing of Income Tax return with effect from 1st July 2011. This order has been implemented on individuals and firms in where there accounts required to audit according under 44 AB Income Tax Act 1961. If e-filing of ITR is done using digital signature certificate then there is no need to upload physical print of ITR. DSC makes your e-fling easy and secure so that you don’t have to take any stress of Income Tax Return.

How to Register Digital Signature for E-Filing Tax Return

Digital Signature Certificate is acknowledged as the verification e-application such as physical signature. Individual or firms are needed to audit their respective accounts must use digital signature certificate for e-fling of income tax return.

DSCs are easily available in market and Digital Signature Mart will accomplish your need of DSC with 1, 2 or 3 years of validity and after expiration it is renewable.

If you are not using digital signature during Income Tax Return then you have to sign the document physically and send it to Income tax department. But by using Digital Signature you don’t need to do that procedure. Though Income Tax department will ask for digital signature and it can be used instead of pin generated during the ITR filing.

Register Digital Signature on Income Tax portal

To file Income tax return with digital signature certificate you need to first sign up on e-fling web portal. After registration you can login in to your registered at the website and on the top menu bar go to one profile setting and choose to register Digital Certificate.

Choose DSC type and upload file from your desktop computer and make sure that the email id present in your DSC must be same in e-filing profile. And if you email id is not matching then you can change it from update contact details option in profile setting. And Pan Number attached in DSC must be similar to yours

Errors in uploading digital signature for e-filing

User faces so many problems during uploading digital signature for e-fling. First of all you need to check that requirement of system is complete for DSC. You can use browser which gives best view for digital signature certificate Safari (version 4.0, 5.0), Internet Explorer (version 8.0, 9.0, 10.0), Google Chrome (version 26.0.x, 27.0.x, 28.0.x), Mozilla Firefox (version 22.0, 21.0, 20.0). Make sure that JavaScript must be enabled on your browser.

Digital Signature Mart gives you 24/7 tech support for any assistance related to digital signature certificate.


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has made it necessary to have digital signature certificate for e-filing. Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is the least DSC for e-fling on the web portal of MCA21. It means that all the authorized signatories of organization under MCA21 need class 2 digital signature certificate. Even it is also mandatory for tax practitioner, CWA, Chartered Accountants Company Secretary that the documents filed them must contain class 2 Digital Signature Certificate Under MCA 21 Program. Digital Signature certificates generally issued for the period of 1, 2 or 3 years and these DSCs are renewable if it is expired

Why Digital Signature Certificate is needed?

The current century is witnessing unprecedented transformation in the form of digitalization so it is mandatory to cope of with current scenario. Digital Signature certificate is not scanned print of your physical signature which is myth in everyone’s mind. It is like your electronic identity that provides you high standard privacy and security. By the help of DSC nobody can access your valuable information because you have all the credential of DSC. The information is in encrypted form which can be read by you or that recipient which you have given permission. It means that all the information which you have DSC is purely safe and incorruptible.

How does Digital Signature Work?

Digital Signature Certificate is as the name refer is not the print of your physical signature but it is file prepared by licensing authority in an encoded language to you. When you need to sign in any documents these DSC is required and accessed which perform similar to key and lock. Ins short the way we use key and lock make our document safe Digital Signature Certificate is used as the key to open your online files . Moreover the document which is signed can be locked with the help of DSC. DSC contain all the confidential details of user such as email ID , Phone number, company name etc. It also has key code which is in the server of licensed which allow recipient to authenticate the your digital signature certificate

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